Frontiers of Innovation: Curriculum Change in Online Learning Environments


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Barry Switnicki

Pacific Change Mentors
Engaged Communities
Supporting, Challenging and Provoking people to become more engaged and passionate!
This essentially is what my personal and professional life is all about. For example, think of an educational environment bursting with highly engaged, excited learners, teachers and stakeholders.
For the last ten years I have been focused on creating, adapting and delivering highly engaging curriculum both online and in person on five continents in six languages to thousands of students. I’ve been transforming the traditional Telling Expert-Led Pedagogy to Asking, Inquiry based, Communities of Learning where the teacher steps aside allowing the Learners to take the lead, learning in their best manner, by integrating a Solution-Focused Coaching approach.
I’m not only an educator but also a Solution-Focused Performance coach. I'm a senior facilitator with Erickson Coaching International. I'm also a coach mentor and assessor credentialed as a Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation, and a Master Business and Life Coach by the Peoples Republic of China. I’ve been coaching for over twenty years supporting a wide range of people from six to sixty-six including eight years working with high risk and “identified” children, youth and their families.